• Measure the frequency response (amplitude and phase) of electronic, electrical, electro-acoustic and other networks
  • Impedance measurement of two terminal networks (including phase)
  • Design and production testing of electro-acoustic transducers
  • Bio-chemical impedance measurements
  • Filter design and testing
  • Battery impedance testing
  • Cross talk and CMRR measurements
  • Measure the characteristic impedance of cables
  • Component evaluation
  • Estimation of system time delays or latency
  • Research, design, industry, education

AN001 Time delays

Time delays, group delays

AN002 High resolution impedance plots of an ultrasonic transducer

Impedence plots of ultrasonic transducer


AN003 Ceramic resonators – Network analyser

Ceramic resonator


AN004 Cable impedance measurement

Cable impedence


AN005 Elliptic low pass filter

Elliptic lowpass filters


AN006 Laboratory preamplifier FRA

Laboratory preamplifier   FRA


AN007 Acoustic measurement

Acoustic measurement


AN008 Microphone impedance

Microphone impedence


AN009 Acoustic transducer – complex impedance

Complex impedence


AN010 Mobile and fixed filters – voltage controlled filters

Mobile and fixed filters


AN011 Inductors and capacitors – complex impedance measurement

Inductor, capacitor, LCR


AN012 Inductor impedance graphs

Inductance, reactance


AN023 Custom Control of the C60

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Technical Specifications – Detailed technical specifications of the C60
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