• C60

    Probably the world’s smallest, lightest, lowest power, feature rich, network analyzer

    This device measures the Amplitude, Phase and Impedance responses of electronic, electro-acoustic and other systems. The test results are displayed as graphs, using a powerful graphing program.

  • C60

    Impedance-Amplitude-Phase Frequency Response Analyzer

    The C60 investigates the opaque world of analog networks. The unit operates in two test modes. It can measure the frequency response of a two port system producing a gain/loss and phase graph. It can also measure the reactive response of a two terminal network producing an impedance/admittance and phase graph.


Windows 10

The C60 is compatible with Windows 10 and previous Windows operating systems from Windows XP upwards


Small, light weight and robust. Powered by USB 2.0


 Export graph images as Windows meta files, JPEG and bitmap formats. Cut and paste plots between graphs


FLASH memory technology allows upgrades from the Internet

Impedance-Amplitude-Phase Frequency Response Analyzer

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Cypher Instruments

The engineering team at Cypher Instruments has over 50 years experience in the design of electronic equipment for the professional and consumer market. Our expertise covers analogue and digital electronics, filters, low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, signal converters, embedded code, micro controllers, digital signal processors, serial communications, USB drivers, PC applications, scientific test and measurement, non destructive testing (NDT), electronic music products, data acquisition, lasers, in fact just about every thing!

C60 Features

  • Measure amplitude, impedance and phase response from 10Hz to 4MHz
  • Portable - small, light weight and robust
  • Power, link, calibration and test indicator
  • FLASH memory technology allows upgrades from the Internet
  • Simple control interface
  • Powerful Windows based graphing and control software
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