The C60 investigates the opaque world of analog networks. The unit operates in two test modes. It can measure the frequency response of a two port system producing a gain/loss and phase graph. It can also measure the reactive response of a two terminal network producing an impedance/admittance and phase graph. Electronic, electrical, electro-acoustic and other networks can be tested with sine wave excitation and the results displayed on a PC.

The C60 is USB powered; it needs no batteries or external power supplies. The unit has a USB-B connector at the rear, an input and output BNC and a USB Link activity led. The PC controls all the functionality of the device.


  • Measure amplitude, impedance and phase response from 10Hz to 4MHz
  • Portable - small, light weight and robust
  • USB 2.0 full speed bus powered device (0.5W to 1.1W power consumption)
  • 50 Ohm output impedance and 1 Meg Ohm input impedance
  • Ideal for research and development, production testing and education
  • Simple two terminal impedance measurement system
  • Integral self calibration and diagnostic capabilities
  • 6 bit digital interface for automated control of external devices
  • FLASH memory technology allows upgrades from the Internet
  • Oscillator output attenuator for flexible measurement conditions
  • Power, link, calibration and test indicator
  • Powerful Windows based graphing and control software
  • Simple control interface
  • Frequency axis displayed linearly or logarithmically
  • Amplitude displayed as gain or loss with a 90dB range
  • Impedance displayed in Ohms or Admittance in Siemens, with linear or logarithmic axis
  • Phase is displayed as 0 to 180 or +/-180 degrees
  • Produce professional graphs with up to 10 plots
  • Support for black and white and colour output
  • Export graphs as ASCII text data files for post processing or import into a spread sheet
  • Export graph images as Windows meta files, JPEG and bitmap formats
  • Cut and paste plots between graphs
  • Multiple document interface allows easy comparison of many graphs
  • Test automation for production or quality control applications using a powerful scripting language
  • Electronically exchange graphs in six convenient file formats
  • Open software licensing agreement allows anyone to view, manipulate, export data and print graphs

Kit Contents

  • C60 Instrument
  • CD containing CypherGraph software and User Manual in Adobe Reader format
  • USB cable, BNC to 4mm adaptors

More information

Technical Specifications – Detailed technical specifications of the C60
Applications – Some examples of what the C60 can do
Downloads - Download the software and user manual
Buy Now – Request a pro-forma invoice including delivery charges

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